About Us

BuznizBuddy was created with a purpose, a purpose to free the founder from the daily pressure of controlling his business. Our founder started selling online on several platforms over 10 years ago. He managed his business from a simple excel sheet which he created to keep track of his business activities and not having to wait until the end of month to get the results from his accountant. This was manageable at first, but when then business started growing steadily therefore expansion was necessary. The business moved on to sending the actual stock to fulfilment centres and from this point the stock was being handled by third parties. This brought a need for more control over the business by knowing all the activities which include sales, stock control, knowing how much stock the company owned and where the stock was as the stock was being moved around to accommodate the customer. The losses had to be accounted for also, so this meant keeping track of all the refunds, damaged stock and expenses, which again added on more work. This got to a point where he could not take a single off but had to update his sheet every day. The only days he took off was for his kids’ birthdays. And yes you guessed it, the sheet when along on his family holidays with him because he had to keep updating it every single day.

One day he decided that something has to be done as it was putting too much pressure on himself and his family. He shopped around business management providers but he still could not find was he was looking for as they did not offer all the aspects that he wanted to control in his business. He attended conferences where he met fellow online sellers and asked what is the best system they found so he could try it but there was a gap in the market, a need for a provider to offer peace of mind knowing the business is keeping YOU up to date not the other way round ( i.e updating the excel sheet on a daily basis!)

And this is how Bizniz.Buddy was born. It was created by a seller for sellers. A seller who can understand the frustrations of other sellers and decided to make it easier for himself and for fellow sellers. Knowing you can rely on a system that is working for you, thus giving you more hours to yourself to use as you wish and let BiznizBuddy give you the results you need at your fingertips. BiznizBuddy will take control of the everyday running of your business, keeping you updated from the minute you enter the stock in the system until the important moment of actual selling the product. Ker-ching!